About ACES Institute

ACES Institute is an independent research and advisory organization that aims to improve Asia’s sustainable growth through research, expert analysis, standards and strategic collaborations.
Regional sustainability progress may vary, ACES Institute aims to foster economic prosperity, equality, opportunities, and environmental development through continuous and resolute actions and influence.

We house experts and an invaluable council that aim to drive higher levels of ambition from business organizations, especially in a world grappling with pressing global issues, our mission is to bring stakeholders together in valuable ways through thought-leadership programs and initiatives that encourage the exchange of valuable insights & dialogues to address critical issues, drive innovation, and empower collaboration among key stakeholder.
The Institute provides ongoing research & analysis to inform on best practices, policies, and progress on global sustainability matters, to help business leaders better align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes sustainability standards and accreditation, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing through purposeful programs and avenues, we continuously integrate with reputable industry players to facilitate and accelerate Asia’s sustainable growth.
Individuals benefiting from membership and access to our influential network.
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Experts in their field providing the widest range of independent thinking
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Our Mission

To contribute to the advancement of sustainability, public policy, and legal and economic affairs; and stive to be a beacon of expertise, promoting dialogue, influencing positive change, and building a network of subject matter experts across diverse fields.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized institute that catalyzes positive change through cutting-edge research, expert analysis, and collaborative partnerships, fostering a sustainable and equitable future for society.

Our Objectives

Conduct and publish change-driven impact research, whitepapers, and reports on sustainability, public policy, and legal and economic affairs.

Contribute to knowledge sharing through expert analysis, opinions, and advisory

Build a pool of subject matter experts from various fields (sustainability, public policy, legal and economic affairs) providing an avenue to progress, best practices, and influential ideas through valuable insights & trusted dialogues.

Foster interdisciplinary affiliations and collaboration between institutions, governments/authorities, and various industries in the field of sustainability and public policy.

Service Charter

High-quality, evidence-based, and impactful research and analysis.

Expert advisory services to stakeholders and partners

Provide a platform for open and constructive dialogue among subject matter experts;

Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships.​

Continuous learning and improvement to stay at the forefront of our fields.