Dr. Jayanthi Desan


Jayanthi has wide experience in the area of sustainability and governance. She has worked extensively with governmental agencies, corporations and non- profit organisations. She is published in the area and is regularly invited to conferences both domestically and internationally.

She was previously the Executive Director of the Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies, University Malaya. As an experienced trainer, she has also conducted training and provided lectures for institutions across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, in various sustainability and community investment areas. She is an Independent Non-Executive Director of one of Malaysia’s largest diversified conglomerates. She is also a board member of several foundations that work in community intervention programmes.

Jayanthi has a PhD in the area of standards of corporate responsibility from Queen Mary, University of London. Jayanthi’s work is fueled by her belief in ‘business for good’ and how every business needs to invest in social and environmental capital in order to build economic capital successfully.