Luis Bueno Nieto


Throughout a career of over 20 years, Luis has occupied numerous directive positions in different industries and in various countries. From being a CEO in Ecologistics, an energy efficiency services company based in London, to being a Director of Talent Development in finance company in New York until arriving to Spain in 2008 where one of his distinctive last projects was to be the of Ambassador of Corporate Social Responsibility for Leroy Merlin Spain. Luis together with the Ministry of Education of the Spanish government worked on the integration of university students in the latter company, helping them to develop their skills and business leadership.

Luis has been residing in Moscow since 2013 and is responsible for the direction of new strategic markets in Leroy Merlin Russia. A serial entrepreneur and a thought leader, Luis has delivered keynotes on management and leadership development for corporations over the last 10 years. One of his great passions is to encourage motivation and team development.