Shanggari Balakrishnan


Shanggari brings with herself over 10 years of experience in the Asian business market with extensive know how in market development, branding, and program management. Under her leadership, she has positioned MORS Group as a high brand value organisation dedicated in delivering premier services to stakeholders; resulting in greater partnering, collaboration and innovation attuned to market demand.

Prior to joining MORS Group, she held a senior role in a non-governmental organisation promoting entrepreneurship development across the Asian region. Throughout her career, Shanggari has met and built working relationships with over 600 CEOs, heads of state, and investors across the globe.

Shanggari holds profound the vision and mission of MORS Group and has been instrumental in directing the organisation towards achieving its deepest hope; building a sustainable Asia. Her leadership capabilities in engaging top management ensure all stakeholder expectations are met. Shanggari has earned a masters degree in management information systems from Coventry University, and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur.