About ACES Council

The ACES Council, comprised of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, Subject Matter Experts, and the Secretariat, serves as the governing body for the ACES Institute. The Board of Directors, wielding authority in strategic planning and governance, is supported by a team of experts in academia, sustainability, and public policy. Subject Matter Experts play a pivotal role in operationalizing objectives through research and expert advisory, while the Secretariat acts as the institute’s operational arm, managing day-to-day activities. Together, these components ensure effective decision-making, expert advice, and operational efficiency in advancing the institute’s mission.
The Board of Directors functions as the ultimate decision-making body for the ACES Institute, wielding authority in strategic planning and overall governance. The board steers the organization by offering insights aligned with their respective areas of expertise, playing a pivotal role in critical decisions including but not limited to budgetary allocation, policy formulation, and long-term planning.

Shanggari Balakrishnan


Hemant K. Batra

Honorary Chairman

Luis Bueno Nieto


Dr. Jayanthi Desan

A team of experts in academia, sustainability, and public policy to provide specialized advice to the Board of Directors and the Secretariat. They may participate in strategic discussions, review proposed policies, and offer recommendations based on their expertise. They may oversee most of the Institut’es research projects and other projects and act as a bridge towards engaging subject matter experts

Dr. Joe Thomas

Ph.D. in Social Sciences (University of Pune), Visiting Research Fellow (Oxford University)

Dr. Neeti Shikha

Ph.D. in Corporate Governance (NLU, Jodhpur), LLM (University College, London)

Dr. Rinchen Chophel

Director General, South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC)

Harjit S. Sandhu

CFE, LL.B (London), MBA (Australia), M.Sc. and B.Sc. Medical (India), former Indian Police Service

Johannes Flecker

Ph.D. (Graz-Austria) – Summa cum Graduate (Berklee College of Music-Boston)

Octavio B. Peralta

Secretary General, Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)

Prof. Alan Khee Jin Tan

JSD LL.M. (Yale), LL.B. (NUS)

Stefania Lucchetti

JD, Law (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Corporate Governance & Strategic Finance (Stanford University)

Vedant Batra

BBA, Finance (McCombs School of Business), B.A., Economics (UT Austin)

Vineeta Yadav

MPM (SIBM Pune), B.Com. Honors (LSR – DU) Diploma in Coaching (University of Cambridge, UK)
Subject Matter Experts play a crucial role in operationalizing the institute’s objectives. They contribute to research, provide expert opinions, and create content such as publications, conference papers, and white papers. Their diverse expertise ensures that the institute remains well-informed and at the forefront of developments in various fields.

Lesley Kelley

Regional Supervisor – USA

The Secretariat is the operational arm of the institute, responsible for day-to-day activities. This includes implementing policies, managing finances, coordinating events, and facilitating communication among different levels of the organization. They act as a bridge between the governance bodies and the institute’s staff. The Secretariat is in-charge of all interns and junior researchers